International students

Rybners Gymnasium is a modern high school which offers a wide variety of both academic and extra-curricular activities. It is situated in Esbjerg close to many of the city’s sports facilities. Today it holds approximately 1300 students from their 1st to their 3rd year of high school.

At Rybners we offer an all-round education combined with several extra-curricular activities e.g. concerts, sports, dances, balls, student clubs etc.

You can read more about the Danish education system on this website from the Danish Department of Education (UVM)

The student council
The student council (elevrådet) consists of elected representatives from each class. They present students' interests and are present at a variety of school meetings. The student council has open meetings regularly.

At Rybners it is possible to participate in extra-curricular sports and tournaments. If you are interested contact one of our P.E. teachers. In general, information about these arrangements are posted on Fronter.

Homework Café
On Thursdays from 10.00-11.30 our teachers are present to help with homework in maths, physics and chemistry

Other academic activities

Field trips
When you are a 3rd year student there is a 5-7-day international field trip.

Academic calendar / exams / grades
Being an international student you are expected to participate in your classes, turn in your papers, and prepare your homework in general. The teachers will take your "linguistic challenges" into consideration, when they evaluate your performance. Many will put an emphasis on your willingsness to participate. As your Danish improves you will gradually feel that it becomes easier to be a "Danish high school student". Discuss your situation with your teachers and make arrangements. The students receive their evaluations in November and June.

Practical information

Computer facilities
When you arrive you will receive passwords, which enable you to use our internal communication systems. You must bring your own laptop, all our classrooms have wireless network.

Information- and communication system
Ludus is our internal communication system where we post our daily schedules. You have to check Ludus every day for changes / cancellations etc.